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Coconut Grove Waterfront (graphic illustrating image resolution)

Coconut Grove Waterfront (graphic illustrating image resolution)

This graphic illustrates the extremely high resolution of the previous image in this album. I knew that a friend of mine, John McKnight, was sailing on Biscayne Bay while I was capturing the 24 shots that comprise this image. Eventually, I found the retired B-757 pilot and identified his boat by the sail number, 757.

Starting with the overall image, follow the numbers in order. Look at the area where John's catamaran is located and follow the numbered arrows from 1 - 5, back to the overall image to fully understand the level of detail in this composite panoramic image.

The point? The point is that these extremely high resolution images can be printed the size of a city bus while allowing great detail (instead of pixels) to be seen when viewed up close.

This example of the extreme resolution of this panorama also applies to other panoramas in this album as well as many more in my portfolio.
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