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Friday evening and make payment for headshots to LDDF

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After suspending Photo Week for two years due to Covid,

Robert Sullivan Photography is back!

However, we will be shooting for only one day this season

instead of our usual week long photo shoot.


Up to four dancers per hour will take turns in front of the camera.

This type of scheduling allows for dancers to rest and recover between successive leaps

and jumps, as well as allowing for time for as many outfit changes as you would like.


When registering for Photo Day, you will be prompted to enter your dancer's information

as well as your top three choices for appointment times.  Within a day or two, you will

receive an email confirmation your assigned appointment time.  Please do not assume that 

your first choice is your appointment time.  Sessions are scheduled in the order in which they

are received.  So, please watch for the email from us confirming your assigned appointment.


If your costumes have not yet arrived, then wear leos, older costumes, or anything

that you want to.  Remember:  You can change outfits as many times as you would like.


We will be shooting with cameras tethered to a large screen TV so that you can

immediately see your pose, leap, or jump and make corrections.


Former Miami Heat Dance Captain, Ashley Ruiz, will be directing and assisting you

with your poses.  We want your images to be as perfect as possible!


Images will be available on our website for viewing and purchase for 45 days after the shoot.

Please remember to make your purchases before leaving for summer vacation!


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Session fee or Package 4?

For this photoshoot, we decided to offer another option beyond just paying a session fee.

We have provided our most popular package, Package 4, at 10% off and made it inclusive of the session fee.

This $190 package saves $39 versus paying a session fee of $15 and then paying the

regular price of $214 for Package 4 ($15 + $214 = $239).

Package 4 includes:

(8) 5x7's

(4) 8x10's

Our Phone App is complimentary with this package


What is our Phone App?

Our Phone App is our answer to those who want digital images to share on their mobile devices

at a price that is much more economical than our digital downloads for printing.

With our Phone App, you can share individual images or the entire app with friends

and family as well as on social media.  An icon with your dancer's picture is installed

on your home screen so that you can easily locate the images that you have purchased.

The images are low resolution so as not to bog down your phone's memory, therefore,

they are not suitable for printing.  However, they are perfect for your mobile devices!

Phone App Large Social Media 2Phone App Large Social Media 2

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