UPDATE:  This photo shoot will be on February 16th ONLY

Registration DanceGallery Glitter 2020Registration DanceGallery Glitter 2020

Dancers from ALL studios are welcome to pose, leap and dance in flurries of gold glitter at Dance Gallery in Miami.  With the use of high speed flash photography, Robert Sullivan Photography will freeze the action of you leaping and posing while assistants toss glitter over and around you.

The images will immediately be displayed on a large screen television so that the dancers can see their poses and leaps right away.  An instructor will be present to help the students critique and improve their poses for subsequent shots.

This elaborate photography set is only the beginning of the production.  After you choose your images, they will be artistically enhanced by the staff of Robert Sullivan Photography to include adding even more glitter to them in post production and prior to printing.

Your images will be awesome!


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Where:  Dance Gallery

4840 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33155

When:  February 16th & 17th

Saturday:  4pm - 8pm

Sunday:  10am - 6pm

Cost:  $45 per participant for materials, studio setup and session/creative fee

Prints will be available for viewing online within a day or two of the photo shoot.

Over a dozen packages will be available, the larger ones at 30% off.

Participants who register in advance will also receive an additional 20% off for 7 days.



Registration Information

A maximum of four slots are available per hour.  Participants will take turns in the glitter and in front of the camera. We strongly suggest coordinating with your friends to schedule and share the same hour together!  Rather than scheduling one dancer at a time, this type of scheduling that we have long employed for all of our Artistic Days series of photo shoots provides for several advantages:

Dancers can rest and recover between successive leaps

Dancers can encourage and inspire each other, and get pose ideas

Unlimited wardrobe changes are possible during breaks and between turns

Up to four friends can schedule their sessions for the same hour for group pics

When registering, please provide your first 3 choices for your preferred hour in the spaces provided when prompted.  Slots will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis and the schedule will be updated as spaces are filled. Confirmation of assigned hour will be emailed to you when the schedule is finalized.


Session Availability Update

After the end of the refund period (thru Jan. 31) and when the schedule is determined, this section will be updated periodically to reflect remaining available sessions


This 2-day event will sell out!  So, reserve your slot early to not miss out and to secure the hour long session of your choice!

Refund policy:  Full refunds through January 31st


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What to wear

The set will be based on a black background, so bright colors will stand out well.  However, due to the edgy type of lighting that we have designed for this type of photo shoot, even black clothing will stand out on the black background.  Our suggestion:  Bring plenty of outfits to choose from because you can change as many times as you want to!


If you have any questions, please email or call Robert Sullivan Photography

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  305-986-9781

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