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I am a Miami, Florida based photographer who travels where needed and I bring a complete studio to you for your convenience.

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After 16 years as an air traffic controller and 8 years designing and building waterfalls, ponds, and landscapes, I have settled into my passion and what I am certain is my final career. While I enjoyed the challenge and rewards of controlling air traffic, I also enjoyed the the artistic side of building waterfalls and landscapes. However, I have now discovered and embraced what I believe to be my perfect career that allows me to indulge in my creative side while meeting and working with clients as I travel the far reaches of the globe.

I have struggled with the suggestion to specialize a specific genre of photography, however, I am fond of almost all types of photography and I have spent countless hours studying and practicing them. From capturing beautiful scenes in distant countries to the glowing smile on a child's face, or the essence of a party to highlighting the fine details in a client's product line, I have collected the knowledge, experience, and equipment to produce exceptional results in many genres of photography.